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Manisha Creations is one of the most celebrated designer boutiques in Kolkata. This destination boutique is popular for best quality Indian traditional wear.

Our loyal as well as discerning clienteles are assured, that they will almost surely find the most beautiful designs as well as outfits here. Thanks to the curation of merchandise by our talented team.

Being one of the initial designer boutiques in Kolkata, Manisha Creations grew exponentially in a short span of time to become one of the most exclusive luxury wear destination. All of our stores are identified by their diverse collection of traditional men’s wear. Our prudently curated merchandise is surely attractive to bring our loyal customer back, time and time again.

With a universal fashion appeal, we have an especially customized menswear collection from which you can shop the newest Indian traditional menswear trends. Our collection includes handpicked as well as put together for numerous occasions like festive gatherings, puja rituals, as well as menswear clothing staples for mid festivities, evening wear, sherwani ensembles for the groom, precisely custom-made ensembles signifying your elegant personality. Shop jackets for sangeet nights, to give you the flawless appearance for not only for your special day & various events but for every day.

Take your fashion statement a notch higher by pampering yourself in our luxury buys that you will have all eyes on you for being the best-dressed gentleman everywhere you go. Look no further than Manisha Creations for an outfit for an engagement, destination wedding, sangeet, dinner, brunch, cocktail party, mehendi, or any other occasion. Be it for the groom, the best man, the father of the bride, or the father-in-law to be, Manisha Creations online shop provides extensive options to choose from in a wide diversity of styles.

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